More and more drivers want performance in their vehicles. There is just one problem. You usually must pay lots of money to get that performance. However, there is one automaker that is making great performance accessible to just about everyone. That's Dodge. For the past few years, Dodge has created quite a formidable line-up of powerful cars, SUVs and minivans that can't be overlooked.

Cars with Serious Horsepower

When you think about Dodge cars, the first words that come to mind are "muscle cars." That's right. Dodge has created an entire car lineup of muscle cars that are packed with horsepower. Let's put it this way, you won't find any four-cylinder econobox hatchbacks here!

The Dodge Challenger is the two-door muscle car that offers an impressive standard engine along with many more powerful variants. No matter which Challenger that you look at, you are going to get a vehicle that impresses with fast acceleration times and excellent overall performance.

For those who want a four-door muscle car, there really is only one choice. That would be the Dodge Charger. This is a large size sedan packed with plenty of horsepower. As the only four-door muscle car in America, the Dodge Challenger literally sits in a class by itself.

Impressive SUVs and Minivan Lineup

Dodge didn't just let their cars have all the fun. If you are looking for muscle car power in an SUV, then you want to check out the Dodge Durango. This mid-size SUV is one of the few that offers a low carlike stance that allows you to get some excellent handling and performance. Plus, the standard horsepower on the Durango is impressive.

For those looking for a more traditional SUV, there is the feature-packed Dodge Journey. The Journey has been designed to be the ultimate family SUV that offers lots of value for its price.

Finally, Dodge offers a large and spacious Grand Caravan minivan. This minivan offers lots of styles and excellent fuel economy. It is a top choice for large families on the go.

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