The value of regular maintenance on your car or truck cannot be overstated enough. However, it seems that many of us neglect to have this done. Perhaps it is because it appears that the money is better spent elsewhere. However, this is precisely why those routine service appointments are so critical. Our team at Larry Green Cjd, Inc. encourages you to make a service appointment for your car, truck, or SUV this spring. Here are some reasons why we implore you to take care of your spring maintenance.

Retain the Value of Your Car

You made a considerable investment when you bought your vehicle. You do not want to throw that money away by failing to take care of it. With regular maintenance, your car or truck can run great for many years to come. This will also bode well for its resale value when the time does come that you would like to sell it years down the line.

Remain Safe on the Road

While your car might be running great today, that is not an indicator of the future. You need to make sure that all of the parts are properly oiled and lubed, for example, to retain their vitality. Your brakes need to be checked at regular intervals to make sure you are safe while driving around Blythe, CA. A trained technician from our dealership can do all of this.

Make Sure the Vehicle Remains Efficient

To keep your vehicle operating efficiently, certain parts need to be replaced. A clogged fuel filter, for example, can decrease your gas mileage quite significantly. You will also want to have your air filter changed at periodic intervals to allow the oil to move through the vehicle efficiently. This spring is as great a time as any to have that service performed.

Schedule Your Service Today at Larry Green Cjd, Inc.

If you have not scheduled a service appointment for your car, today is the day to change that. Contact our team in Blythe, CA, and talk about the recommended maintenance that should be performed this spring. One of our trained technicians is standing by to take care of you. We look forward to working with you soon!

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